Oh hello, Friday! This week has definitely been a relaxing one, but it has come by super fast. Nonetheless, I am super ready for this weekend. We are celebrating my handsome sweetheart's birthday, and I can't wait! I wanted to wrap up this week by leaving you a beautiful list of 5 of my favorite Etsy shops that I have been swooning over. I love scouting small shops and supporting awesome creatives. Scroll through to view these beautiful shops, and don't forget to stop by and take a look around at the items.

1. ObviousState: Perfect for all of my literary enthusiasts who follow along. This beautiful shop is full of cute and witty bookmarks, totes, mugs, and more.

2. BeKindBeautyProducts: I am in LOVE with every single bath bomb and soap from this Etsy shop, and Kirsha (The Owner) is the sweetest person ever. I love the unique look of each bath bomb, and they all smell incredible.

3. anewalldecor: This shop has a gorgeous amount of large murals, contemporary prints, and vintage art. I love looking at them. They are so cute and super classy. I'm thinking of possibly purchasing one for indoor sessions, it would definitely add a beautiful touch to the photos. 

4. CreativeLeatherBRO: This shop has a lot of creative and cool custom leather. I actually found this shop because I searched for "cute passport covers". I'm glad I came across this shop because they have a lot of cute stuff here. I might just get a leather cover for my MacBook. 

5. KristinSchmucker: This shop sells Christian mugs, prints, and devotionals. I love looking through her stuff. I am a big fan of beautiful graphic design, and her designs are gorgeous and simple. My favorite items besides the devotionals are the bible markers and highlighters.

Which of these do you love the most? Hope you have a wonderful Weekend!